Lethal Weapons in D20 Modern

Steve’s Occasional Game Blog is pondering how the D20 Modern rules system can be adapted to handle weapons that are capable of killing in a single attack, such as guns:

… when a weapon or class of weapons poses a real danger of killing outright in one attack – a handgun in a D20 modern setting suggests itself as the most obvious example of this – one could up the lethality of the weapon without changing the standard damage dealt by tweaking the critical hit roll needed and the damage multiplier gained.

Consider: A .32 revolver might be said to pack 1D10 + 2 (a figure I pulled out of the air for the purposes of illustration since I do not have access to a D20 modern sourcebook). Clearly people should be able to be killed or seriously wounded by a single shot, but also should be able to escape relatively unharmed for the purposes of PC heroism. One way to achieve this would be to set the Critical Hit roll needed to a relatively low number for this weapon, say 15, and let the damage multiplier be very high, maybe x4 or x5.

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