New Character: Captain Perry Scope

A character for D20 Modern games.

Captain Perry Scope is an American expatriate who plies the Indian Ocean in the 1920s with a stolen submarine, raiding and sinking vessels at a time when the scourge of piracy was thought to be at an end. Scope’s an arresting blend of rugged and romantic, with thick black hair and steely gray eyes. He possesses a singular charm when he chooses to display it, and his dry wit makes him popular among his peers.

Scope was raised in Virginia in a wealthy family with a strong naval heritage and a history of siring officers who bent rules and regulations when it suited them. The Scopes’ greatest attribute seemed to be their personal initiative, which placed his ancestors on privateers in both the American Revolution and Civil War.

Young Perry entered West Point Naval Academy but was nearly expelled due to poor grades. Though intelligent, he rarely applied himself and was far more interested in carousing than studying. There also was an incident where he and a fellow student — a yankee — were arrested for attempting to solve their disagreement with a duel.

Graduating bottom of his class in 1911, Scope found all the prized positions aboard battleships and cruisers spoken for. To the horror of his family, he was posted to the untried submarine force. During the Great War (World War I), Scope rose to command the submarine USS Skate, sinking thousand tons of enemy shipping vessels in the Adriatic and Aegean seas, including a pre-dreadnought battleship and light cruiser. He found the freedom of commanding a submarine exhilarating and dreaded returning to the tedium of a peacetime posting.

So he didn’t. After the war, Scope dropped the sailors who wanted to return home at a neutral port, rechristened his boat The Kraken and rounded out his crew with sea dogs of various sorts — including experienced veterans of the elite German and Austro-Hungarian submarine fleets. He keeps the boat seaworthy with the help of a brilliant German engineer, Chief Rutger Ritter.

With the United States and the other seafaring nations on his tail, Scope has operated as a swashbuckling pirate, ranging over the Indian Ocean from the Cape of Good Hope to the Suez Canal and from the shores of Africa to the port of Singapore. He does so with style, good humor and a minimum of casualties.

Scope always personally leads boarding parties, pistol and gleaming West Point saber in hand. He enjoys a hearty fight and throws himself into a fray with reckless abandon, but he’s not a violent man and prefers to avoid needless death.

After pillaging the cargo, he generally only disables a ship’s radio and engines to allow his crew to beat a safe retreat. However, ships plying “evil trade” such as slaves, drugs or smuggled weapons will be sunk and the crews set adrift. Likewise, he’s not above pulling particularly reprehensible individuals from among passengers and marooning them someplace as punishment.

When wrestling with a moral dilemma, such as whether to shoot a particularly pestersome prisoner, Scope often quotes his righteous “Auntie” Isabelle and expresses his desire to stay on her good side. As his alignment suggests, he is not always the most consistent interpreter of her guidance.

Class/Level: 6th-level Sailor, 2nd-level Navy Officer
Nationality/Sex: American Male
Height/Weight: 6′0,” 195 lbs
Hit Points: 52
Initiative: +3 (Dex)
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 13 (+3 Dex)
Attacks: +6/+1 melee, +9/+4 ranged
Damage: 1d3 unarmed, 1d8 saber, 2d6 pistol
Special Attacks: -
Special Qualities: Inspirational Presence, Rank, Sea Dog, Sea Legs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +4

Abilities: Str 11, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 17

Skills: Artillery +3, Balance +2, Bluff +1, Boat and Ship Piloting +8, Climb +3, Concentration +1, Firefighting +5, First Aid +1, Hide +1, Jump +3, Listen +3, Mechanic +3, Navigation +8, Search +4, Sonar +8, Spot +4, Swim +7, Torpedo +7, Wireless Telegraphy +6

Feats: Command Voice, Command Submarine, Dodge, Diving, Machinist’s Mate: Marine Engines, Naval Gunnery, Naval Tactician, Point Blank Shot and Port Savvy.

Possessions: West Point saber, two pistols, binoculars and a silver locket that’s a Token of Affection from his Auntie Isabelle (see below).

New Magic Item

Token of Affection: An item that can take many forms, such as a kerchief, love letter, ring or a locket with a photo, and has profound sentimental value to its owner. The item was given by a loved one to protect the recipient in times of war or other peril. The item was not created like a standard magic item but instead has implicitly manifested the gift-giver’s love toward the recipient as a +1 bonus to all saving throws. The item only works while in the posession of the recipient and grants no benefit to anyone else. If stolen or lost, the recipient is likely to go to any lengths to retrieve it.


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