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New Modern20 Horror Supplement

The publisher 12 to Midnight has released Horror20, a supplement that expands horror support in the Modern20 roleplaying game:

This 89 page codex includes new skills, feats, equipment, and a player’s guide to ghost-hunting. Game Masters aren’t left out, either. With Fear and Sanity mechanics, help with creating “hauntings” for your players, and sample creatures including ghosts and undead, there’s plenty for the GM to sink his teeth into. …

With this guide you can enter the world of horror and introduce your heroes to spooks and terrors that they must defeat at the risk of losing their sanity. Can they persevere against an ancient long-forgotten evil or must they suffer defeat and become a quick snack to the hideous creatures and spirits of the darkest night?

Modern20 is a RPG Objects’ revision and expansion of the D20 Modern roleplaying game.